Awards - Grant Applicants

What funds does the Foundation manage?

The Foundation has several named funds, details of which can be found on our awards page.

We also manage an unrestricted general fund for all other projects.


Do we have to be a registered charity to get funding?

No – we make awards to community groups that are not registered charities, but they must be properly constituted and generally have a bank account in the name of the group. However, if you are carrying out charitable work and your income exceeds £5,000, we would expect you to be registered with the Charity Commission. Social enterprises will also be considered for support, but we expect to see income being derived from sales of services rather than just a reliance on award or grant funding.

When do your awards panels meet?

Our general panels meet every two months.

Can we get help with our forms?

Yes – we are quite happy to talk through your bid either by phone, e-mail or in person. However, this support is limited as it must be your bid that is put to the panel - not ours! You might also get support from your local Council for Voluntary Service.

Do we need to tell you how we’ve spent the award?

Yes – we will need a report from you that shows how the award has been used for the project shown in the application. Depending on the size of the award, we may ask to see receipts for items purchased. We will ask for copies of any documents that show how the award was used (e.g. newsletters, photograph of events etc.) and ask that you publicise the Foundation’s award in your annual report and accounts. Failure to meet our terms and conditions may jeopardise future support and in extreme circumstances, we may require a refund of award moneys.