The Foundation currently manages a range of funds each with varying criteria

and award sizes. Please do not apply under more than one fund at any given

time without contacting us first.

You can e-mail completed forms to us, along with other necessary documents.

However, we do need a signed version of the application before issuing a

cheque to you. If we have seen your governing document and other policies in

the last two years (and these remain unchanged) there is no need to send

them to us again.

Listed below are the current funds which we manage. Linked

with each is a set of criteria and these should be read before

completing one of the application forms.

We operate three funds linked to the Airport, but these are very

different and we ask that you take care to complete the correct

application form and use the correct criteria. If in doubt, please

contact us. The way the Airport is structured is explained  here


London Luton Airport Ltd - Community Awards Fund  

There are two funds under this scheme, one for the Luton Borough Council area

and one for its near neigbours (to the south, south west, west and north east of

the Airport). Each has its own criteria leaflet.



Applicants to this fund should complete this form: llalapplicationform

Groups seeking less than £1,000 and with a turnover of under £10,000 can

complete this form: llalapplicationform1000


London Luton Airport Ltd   - Youth Services Fund

This fund is aimed at supporting young people aged between 11 and 19 (or 25 if disabled) across

Luton. Bids are assessed by a panel made up of adults and young people from Luton with an interest

in youth work. All successful applicants will be expected to use the Outcome Star method of

assessing the impact of their work or another very clear method of proving outcomes. A background to the fund is shown here background The full criteria can be downloaded here: LutonYouthFundcriteria.

There are three levels of application:

Building the confidence and ability of small community groups working in this

field with awards of up to £1,500. Apply using this form youthfundto1500  and

please contact the Foundation for any assistance needed in doing this.

Awards for local organisations already working in this sector of up to £10,000.

Apply using this form youthfundto10000

Large awards (up to a maximum of £50,000) for major projects that can

demonstrate strong partnership working across Luton's diverse geography and

ethnic mix. The application form is an expression of interest only and strong

bidders will be asked to complete a full business plan application before being

put to the panel. Only two or three bids a year will be available at this size.

Apply using this form youthfundlargegrantprelim

The next deadlines for receiving bids under this fund are midday on August 28th and 10th November.


For more of our funding programmes, please scroll down further


Comic Relief

Comic Relief Criteria 

Awards of up to £10,000 (but please be aware that our annual budget for

this fund is only £22,000, so awards in excess of £5,000 are very unlikely).

Applicants to this fund should complete this form CR Application

Please note that bids under this programme will only be considered at our

March and July 2014 panel meetings. so bids need to be with us by mid

February or mid June to be considered.


London Luton Airport Operations Ltd

LLAOLcriteria  or, for a brief video outline, see 

Awards of up to £3,000 on projects that fit the criteria listed. Projects

should be operating in Luton, Central Bedfordshire, North Herts District,

Stevenage, St Albans District or Aylesbury Vale District.

Applicants to this fund should complete one of these forms:

For bids of up to £1,000 Awardto1000

For bids of more than £1,000 AwardOver1000


Kingsbrook and Cauldwell Fund 

A small awards fund created by residents of Kingsbrook and Cauldwell wards from their community plan. Awards of between £50 and £5,000 can be made to projects addressing the issues outlined in the criteria.

Applicants to this fund should complete one of these forms:

For bids of up to £500 Awardto500

For bids of more than £500 Awardover500


The Panacea Charitable Trust


The Foundation distributes awards on behalf of the Panacea Charitable Trust to

projects where the beneficiaries are from the town of Bedford. Priority is given

to groups that support those who are experiencing mental health issues.

However, projects supporting those in poverty or with physical disabilities will

also be supported from this fund.

Applicants to this fund should complete one of these forms:

For bids of up to £1,000 Awardto1000

For bids of more than £1,000 AwardOver1000


AddAll Fund

Supporting people across Bedfordshire and Luton with learning or physical

difficulties and their families. Awards of up to £5,000 in support of this work.

Projects with an element of advocacy are more likely to succeed. AdAll Criteria

Applicants to this fund should complete one of these forms:

For bids of up to £1,000 Awardto1000

For bids of more than £1,000 AwardOver1000


Removing Barriers to Volunteeting in Bedford Borough

Volunteering Criteria

Awards of up to £2,000 to help recruit, train and retain volunteers.

Applicants to this fund should complete one of these forms:

For bids of up to £1,000 Awardto1000

For bids of more than £1,000 AwardOver1000


General grants

General criteria

Awards of up to £1,000 to small community groups who do not fit under

any of the other funds we operate.

Applicants to this fund should complete the following form: Awardto1000



We no longer publish deadline dates. Our panel meets six times a year,and

so it will not take any more than two and a half months for you to receive a


However, you will need to make sure your full bid (including the provision of

any extra details requested by the Foundation to clarify that bid) is with us a

minimum of three months beforeyou need the funds for which you are

applying - particularly if the bid is for a one-off event with a specific date in



Fair Share Trust

This fund has now closed and our report on the outcomes can be read here.

A film made of and by local residents can be seen here 




The Foundation does not make awards to individuals but the following links are

to organisations that offer more information on this subject:

Rotary Youth Trust for young people in Luton -

Or Turn 2 Us for a range of funders according to your age, occupation, location

etc. -