The Foundation's key objective is to create a permanent endowed fund, where the investment yield is spent on grant making.

We also support the annual giving of our donors if they prefer to work with an annual budget.

There are many benefits of the Foundation managing your charitable giving:

  • Key amongst these is making sure that what you do is effective. Effective giving is about making informed choices. It is about being confident that a donation will make a difference and that the donation will be an effective and efficient use of money or time.
  • The Foundation knows the needs of the local community and can audit the impact of a donor’s award. There are over 3,000 community groups in the area and we tap into all the support agencies for these groups.
  • We have access to data that tells us the level of need in every area of the county.
  • Donors can choose the type of project they wish to support and the Foundation will source suitable candidates, ask for input from the donor and report back to them at a later date on the impact the award has made.

We make sure that giving is tax efficient. We advise on Gift Aid, share giving, corporation tax relief and capital gains tax mitigation so that your funds go further.


Our work provides a managed approach to a business’s Corporate Responsibility programme.