How to Give

How to give

The Foundation is able to manage funds in a whole range of ways to ensure that money is spent effectively and efficiently. Donations for any of our funds can be made by cheque, credit transfer or by using the MYDonate button.

Rather than set up a new charitable trust, the Charity Commission recommend considering using a local Foudnaiton to do this for you. Details can be found at


The underlying principle of the Foundation is to build a permanent, endowed

fund. Only the investment income from this fund is paid in awards, but of course,

this means that there is a permanent source of funding for the community well

into the future. Other sources of funding are well known for their short term

availability, making it difficult for charities to plan their services effectively

or with any certainty.

However, we recognise that many donors like their gift to make an immediate

impact on society.

Through Funding

Consequently, we can also accept donations for ‘through funding’ where money

is usually spent during the year in which it is given. This means that we can help

businesses and families manage their annual charitable giving to make sure it is

effective and efficient.

Donations can take the form of cash, shares transferred to our name, or property.

All carry a range of tax advantages and we would be happy to discuss options

with you to make the most of your giving.