Community Recovery fund

The Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) provides English local authorities (LAs) with financial support to be used for test, trace and contain activity to continue to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and support local public health initiatives. This is part of the Governments COVID-19 Response – spring 2021 and recognises that LAs are best placed to determine local priorities that will best meet the needs of their communities. It is designed to support delivery of objectives identified in the Luton Borough Councils outbreak management plan.

The community recovery fund is to tackle the impacts of covid in the community and work to help fair recovery from the pandemic. Grants of up to £25,000 over 2 years can be considered, although a handful of larger requests (up to £50k over 2 years) may also be considered also.

Funds must be spent by March 2024.

Priorities for the fund


The post covid recovery is likely to impact on the charity sector for the next few years and LBC have identified a number of key priority areas for this fund as follows:

  1. - Mental health (incl work delivered from outside the clinical sector that supports mental health)
  2. - Social isolation (incl carers respite)
  3. - People vulnerable and made vulnerable by Covid 19 (across all ages)
  4. - BAME communities disproportionately impacted by Covid
  5. - Impact on women disproportionately impacted by Covid

Details of what can be considered for funding can be found here (Criteria): HERE

To apply for funding the online application form can be found here: HERE

This fund is part of BLCF's committment to being an Equitable Funder and our role in Luton's Social Justice, Fairness Taskforce.